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: and sit down for an exclusive interview in which we discuss the economy, the new focus on national security. and, growing criticism of the romney campaign. paul ryan, only on fox news sunday. then... we'll preview wednesday's first obama-romney debate. we'll ask our sunday panel which each candidate needs to do to win the first first off. and our power player of the week, has spent almost half of his life, telling the inside story of how a president rose and fell from power. all, right now, on fox news. ♪ >> chris: and hello again, from fox news in washington. with just five weeks until election day, a new poll showing president obama leading in key swing states, the presidential debates may be mitt romney's last, best chance to turn the race around and we wanted to find out what the romney-ryan plan is when they face off against obama and biden. we caught up with running mate p ryan, saturday in derry, new hampshire. before we sat down for an exclusive interview, we spoke briefly as he was about to take the stage for a campaign town hall. >> chris: what do you think? just before
key issues..." the economy is a key issue on he cammaignntrail... but since colorado is one offthe few states that appearssto bb weathering the national economic downturn, some won't bb voting withhtheir pocketbooks...david stavely / air assto whooi am going to for why i aa still in up the airr and it really comes down to do i want to see a better economy or loss rightss thha's the way look at it..."carmmn mendoza / voter:"...i need to actually listening to the pas a fixed inccme, the one who has minimum wage...." one polittcal analyst says this first debate is important since oth men have something to prove.michael tanner / cato inssttute senior fellow "...the public wants to seeeif mitt romney is an acceptable alternativee they ssrt of know the presiient. e's the devil devil they don't and they haven't made up their mind about him, one way or tte other right now...''(anchor tag) there will e two more presidential debates this month... the second one taking place on october 16th. in new york, ainsley earhardt, fox news. during tooight's presidential debat
seizes on the economy, o'donnell says: "if he's able to pin blameefor the economy on the presideet, his governor romney's numbers will ptart to come p."davis says:: "a new quunnipiac poll finds that 86 perrent of likkly voters don't think thh candidates ill saa anything to chaage their mind - but 93 percent pooled till plan to watch the debates. in washington, jd, fn." 3 earlier we told you about how ravens matt biik and brendon ayanbadajo are weighing on difffrent sides of samm sex marriage issue. issue. and its our question of the day... do you think its appropriate for sports figgres to speak out oo political issue. issuee. brad writee on our facebook page..."they should keep their months shut as longg team." but korcorannwrrtes..." it's totally acceptable ffr any issue." to speak outton - 3 we areeseeing a lively debate on this issue go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. facebook. send us a tweet...h text your nswer to 45203. n enter fox45a for yes.. orr fox45b or no. 3 a skateboarding event... takes drrmatic turn. ww'lllshow you what happees to this
the state to comptroller peter ranchot vote against the inccease... questionn about the economy to 3imit. 3 the november elections are quickly approaching...and maryland voters have some big decisionssto make.according to a recent balttmore sun &psay they'd support the dream &pact, while 41-percent opposs ii.the numbers are close and the split is within the maagin oo error. eeror.when it cooes to same-sex marriage...support advantage.49-percent of the t - voters polled saii they are in planninn to vote against it. a voter watchdog group says maryland."election integrity &pmaryland" says its foundtwo pases where people who registered to vvte are using the names offpeoplewho died. they say...many others who died...have not had their names removed from the voter rolls. the group says othhrss who are living...have registtred to vote twice in two different states. (kelleher) "and for every time one vote that's frauddlent gets cast, it's eeasing my vote which is a legitiiate vote and i don't think the ciiizens oo maryland should tolerate that." ttat."(mcdonough) we need an office offvoting inte
and president obama is iiknow what it takessto get the conomy the economy mattees to them. romney argues his business experience makee hii the best choice--but latest polls suggest voters think mr. obama would do a etter job. a cnn averrge of four recent found 51 percent of likkly - voters support president obama romney. "my friend mike rowe." one of romney's events wednesday was at a business leaders and t-v host mike rowe...he's a man known ffr taking on tough jobs ... but n ohio , he's overshadowed byythe two other even tougher. innwashington, i'm mily schmidt.-----end----- cnn..criptt---- the push for ohio vottrs s pspecially timely... even thought it's about 40 daas until the general election,, early voting ii ohio begins in a week....leaving little time to win over the firsttvoters. 3more people are pending they don't have! have!how much money... americans are racking u in overdraft fees. ((break 3)) -reporter pkg-as follows --so much for fiscal responsibility. a new study shows overdraft is making a comeback as more and more americans dip their ccecking accoonts - into
on fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. finding a job in thii economy is tough enough as it is, but &pits even harder. harder.this is tisha shelton. as you can see... she has no graphii designer......and posted videos online... to show off her skills. 3((sot)) "if ere to go on an interview....... i can do anything you canndo." . ....well, she may havv found a different job by postiig those viieos.they've gone viral... with more ttan a million views.and she's gootenn a lot of calls... ...about working with children who were born just like her. 3 the o's bbttling for the playoffs...see if the orioles are 90 game winners... that's all for the pate edition... i'm karen parks morgan adsittis here withh sports unlimmted... morgan onn year after the curse oo the andino....tables have turned.robert anddno ended the ree sox season last year... boston needed one win to make happen...today it's the o's in playoff contention...trying not to slip up in the final 6 g. on for chris davis...laser shot to right center...outta here in a hurry...2-run blast...birds leed 2-1.... lattr in the inning...bases
for boosting local economy... but he doeen'' want pubbic safety to be compromissd. british import.favorite import.different jeremy kyle nas natstalk show hoot jeremy kyle shares his most challenning episode ever. ever. you're [ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done what i thought was impossible: you made good-for-you, gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband rob found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. so thanks. from your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across t
and the economy. if you can't get it right itts time to get out.." oot.."i thought the defender hit the ground before there was joint possession. and, yes, it means that we need to get the strikk over and get 3heree - playyrs usually gettfiied for saying things about refs... ...bbt packers guard ttjjlang said it was "emmarrasing" ""mbarrasing"knowing he would get fined...he suggesttd the n-f-l could use the money to get the regular refs back. back.othee athletes got inno labron james says he doesn't refs re n overrtheir heads.t here's... ur question of theeday.are ...the... nfl replacement phe... ro football season? season?this is our facebook pagee.....and juut about everyonneis talking about he n-f-l rrfs...most of you do ssy its ruiniig the foooball seasoo......but some of you blame the owers for locking out the regular fefs......aand others blame the regular refs... for getting greedy. join the conversaaion by going to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore & performance matters.......as the orioles seek to move into the post season....black and ooaage gear fliessoff th
require the shows to pay for help with crowds.heesays the shows are good forr oosting local economy... but he doesn't want pubbic safety to coming up... d..- fans are still fumiin... over monday ight's game between the packers and seahawks.what one doctor is now offering the refs... who made the controversial last-minuteecall. :47 ""o antiquated and so underssaffed ann so &pborrowed time."e living on -3 &ptime." but ext... an plarming new report on airline phere are each day... and the ppint durinn your fllght... when you're most at riik. you're watching fox 45 morning nees.. all local.. aal morning. 3 3 ((bump in)) passengeer cram into commercial jets as they zip backkand forth... down busy runways across the country.... but as rich edson explains... a recent report shows pilots facc collisions more on the ground than in the air. air. an alarmmng new report on air safety. the most dangerous part of flying could be before you've even left the grounn. a new york times report says a plane or vehicle winds up on an active runway a-thousand times a year. and, the re
on the economy, - it could be a game changer. on the president, his governor 3 up."watch the debate tomorrow night...at 9...right here on fox45....ox45 news at ten starts right after the debate 3& in... tomorrrw's...debate...// some... experts... will be... analyzing... the... body language... oo the... two contenders. ./ .../kathleen cairns has more on hho much influence body language ccn have on an electio: election: (professor wide)"were trying to llok at the whole picture" during the presidentiaa debate wednesdaa night, university of maryllnd professor karen bradley will watch in silence. (very wide)"he has a tendency movement analyst... n his heed - she studies the non vvrballd" lladers. (on obbma)"preeident obama does much more self reffrencing types of gestures tends to make more boundaries -3 gestures where he akes a boundary aroond himself" (cairns) while big movements mmke.. or break anneleccion... it can certainly carry pandidate is perreived.. it iifluenced oters in 1960 wwen they say the first televised pressdentialdebate... between kennedd and ni
appearr to have n edge on the economy... for american voters. that brings us to our quession of the day.is there any chance the debate will cange our vote? we'll take our calls in our 7 o'clock hour. you can also go tt fox-baltimooe dot com and tell us what you thinn... sound off tweet.. at foxbaltimore. us a - a voter watchddg group says ttey've found voter fraud in a. paryland."election integrity maryyand" says its found two cases where ppople who registeeed o vvte are using the names of people who died. they say...many others wwo names removeddfrom the voter rools. the group saas others who are living...havee pegistered to vote ttice in (keeleher) "and for every time one vote that's fraudulent gets cast, it'' erasing my vote which is a legitimate vote anddi don't thiik the citizens of marrlann should tolerate that."//2nd sot// (mcconoogh) "we need an office &pof voting integrity with an asssstant attorney generaa in charge of it and a better system."ssate elections officiall deny any voter fraud. but they sayyif allegatioos of prreeularrties come to thestate proseutors
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11

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